Functional Testing

Functional testing is very different than testing you would have done with your conventional medical provider. Functional testing is designed to find the ROOT CAUSE of why is your body functioning this why? Why are you experiencing health concerns?

The most common functional testing is:

  • Thyroid Testing
    • full thyroid panel (TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Antibodies, reverse T3)
    • Iodine, Selenium, Bromide, and cadmium testing
  • Food Sensitivities ( your immune response to foods)
  • Digestive
    • Comprehensive Stool analysis
    • SIBO – Small intestine Bacterial Overgrowth
    • Zonulin testing to determine if you have a leaky gut
  • Hormone testing
    • women & men’s hormone levels
    • Metabolism/breakdown of hormones
    • Adrenal function- cortisol production and breakdown
  • Autoimmune: Immune stimulants (bacterial, fungal, mold, virtual)
  • Toxin load
    • heavy metal testing
    • environmental testing
  • Methylation & Genetic Interpretation
Functional Testing Video
Functional Testing Video COMING SOON!

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