Sports Performance

Whether you are a professional athlete, aspiring amateur, recreational competitor, or a weekend warrior there is always room for improved performance. An individual program will have many benefits  for you;  quicker recovery, weight management, injury prevention, increased energy levels, increased motivation, increased stamina, improved general health and free of illness so you can keep going and going!

This program is designed to help you achieve your maximum athletic potential. Whatever your athletic goals may be this program can help you hone in on your true potential. The Sports Performance Program is tailored to help your unique body pursue your specific athletic goals.

It all starts with a thorough intake and physical examination. Several baseline measurements are taken and monitored over the course of the program. A naturopathic physician will evaluate your lean muscle mass, fat percentage, intracellular water weight, extracellular water weight, capacitance, heart rate variability (HRV), and nervous system recovery from exercise. Diet, supplementation, exercise routines, sleep, recovery, and the function of your organ systems will be evaluated and treated accordingly. To improve athletic performance and achieve optimal results it is vital to ensure that all the required nutrients are in place, nutrients are reaching the cells of the body, cells are functioning efficiently, and that wastes are being removed effectively from the cells and the body as a whole.

The Sports Performance Program is unique because it approaches sports performance from multiple angles in a holistic view. I welcome patients working with personal trainers, fitness experts, coaches, or other health care practitioners because this promotes a comprehensive strategy and optimal results.

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