Services and Programs Rates

Initial Visit (up to 75 minutes): $220
Follow-up visit (up to 30 minutes): $90

Does Insurance Cover Naturopathic Doctors?

A majority of patients have coverage for Naturopathic Medical Services. It is wise to consult your insurance company directly to inquire about coverage. You will provide you with a receipt containing all necessary information needed to submit a claim directly.

*We accept Visa, Mastercard, Interac/Debit, and Cash.
*Health gift certificates are also available.

Appointments: What Can I Expect?

Your first patient consultation is up to 1 hour, in which a completely personal, medical and family history are taken. Please bring in any supplements or medications you are taking as well as any relevant laboratory results or imaging study results you may have.

Your second visit involves dietary analysis and appropriate diagnostic testing, including physical exam and review of any in-house testing. Functional testing and blood work will be discussed and recommended. The result is a customized treatment plan that includes an appropriate dietary and medicinal prescription. Follow up appointments monitor your progress and adjust your treatment plan. Visit length and frequency rate varies depending on your case and any treatments that are required.


Understanding Leaky Gut?

"Leaky gut" is a popular topic in the health and wellness spheres these days. It's associated with many common symptoms and conditions such as; Allergies, intolerances, joint pain, even autoimmune diseases is linked back leaky gut. But what exactly is leaky gut? What...

Understanding Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Diving Deeper into Thyroid Health Brain fog that makes routine tasks a drag, unexplainable bouts of lethargy in the middle of the workday and a metabolism that has officially gone M.I.A. – these are signs that an individual may be suffering from Hashimoto’s...

The DIRTY DIRTY Dozen! What produce should I buy organic?

 Every year the USDA and the FDA look at the most common fruits & vegetable consumed and the levels of pesticides in our produce. They then provide a useful list call “the dirty dozen” – produce that contains high amounts of pesticides and “the clean dozen” – produce...

Cleaning your produce

Cleaning Nonorganic Produce: For many, buying organic isn’t always an option whether it’s the cost of the weekly grocery bill or the availability of organic produce. Here are a few simple ways to reduce your exposure to many harmful chemicals found on nonorganic...

Treating Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Its the time of year that we welcome all the beautiful flowers, budding trees and the soft grass on our toes… leaving allergy suffers flocking to the INDOORS! Its the dreaded allergy season!! For many the first signs of spring is the uncontrollable sneezing, the red...

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